Educational Resources

The Carham 1018 Society has created an education resource packs for use in schools, colleges and youth groups.

The pack contains a range of materials designed to assist teachers and group leaders in the creation and delivery of lessons and / or projects centred on the battle and its related history.

The material is suitable for use with a range of age groups and is intended to support the needs of individual teachers and group leaders in the creation of lessons and / or projects suitable for their particular requirements. It is also a useful resource for anyone with an interest in the Battle of Carham

The content of the pack includes:

  • A brief description of the battle in its historical context, a note of the main protagonists and a timeline
  • A specially commissioned map of the battlefield showing the participants and details of the action
  • A selection of images


Please consider making a donation to Battlefields Trust North East to allow us to continue our work on the Carham 1018 Project.